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Etna Trekking Tour
Admire the main craters and visit the most beautiful grotto of Etna

Etna Trekking Tour
From the edge of the Valle del Bove we admire the summit craters

Etna Trekking Tour
Discover unique volcanic formations in Serracozzo Grotto

Etna Trekking Tour
Discover unique volcanic formations in and on Etna

Etna Trekking Tour
A challenging hike that is rewarded with a fantastic panorama

Etna Trekking Tour

A challenging hike above the clouds to the rim of the valley “Valle del Bove” at 2300 m altitude, from where we enjoy a breathtaking panorama. We experience:

  • View directly onto the summit craters
  • Huge valley Valle del Bove
  • Serracozzo Grotto
  • Enchanting birch forest

Etna Trekking Tour

  • Meeting point at Etna
  • incl. breakfast
  • incl. equipment

* Children under 13 years pay 10€ less!
Children under 3 years free of charge!

Etna Trekking Tour incl. transfer

  • Pick-up & return transport in the Catania / Taormina area
  • incl. breakfast
  • incl. equipment

* Children under 13 years pay 10€ less!
Children under 3 years free of charge!


We discover some endemic plants on our trekking tour like the Etna birch tree

Varied ascent

The meeting point is at the Rifugio Citelli, located in an old, extinct crater. We begin the climb through a forest of Etna birch trees, an endemic species found nowhere else.

The trail climbs steadily over ancient lava flows until we leave the tree line behind us.

Discover one of the most beautiful lava tunnels of Etna: the Serracozzo Grotto!

Serracozzo Grotto

190 lava tunnels are scattered across Mount Etna. During our ascent, we visit one of the most beautiful: the Serracozzo Grotto, formed during the 1971 eruption.

Inside we discover beautiful formations similar to stalactites, called “dog’s teeth”.

On the trekking tour we look from the coast over the Valle del Bove to the huge summit craters

Majestic summit craters

Arriving at the edge of the Valle del Bove valley, we look directly at the summit craters:

The Northeast Crater was the highest point of Etna for 50 years until it was overtaken by the Southeast Crater in 2021.

The south-eastern crater, currently about 3350 metres high, was only formed in 1971 and has become Etna’s highest point in just 50 years.

The Valle del Bove: a huge indentation on the eastern side of Etna, created by the collapse of the former summit

View over the Valle del Bove

We walk along the edge of the Valle del Bove, looking out over this huge semicircular valley on the eastern side of Mount Etna. 37km2 lie before us, covered with lava flows that have completely covered the once lush, green valley over the last 50 years.

From here you can marvel at the shape Etna had until about 9500 years ago.

Monte Frumento delle Concazze is the largest lateral crater of Mount Etna

Lateral craters

The descent is through the soft lava sand, on which you can run down as if on snow.

We visit the craters of the 1928 eruption, the last eruption of Etna that destroyed a town, Mascali. And we admire the largest lateral crater: Monte Frumento delle Concazze.

Important information about the tour



  • High trekking shoes (low shoes get a lot of sharp volcanic sand in them) and long trousers or high socks. When you put the socks over your shoes, they prevent sand from getting into your shoes, like gaiters.
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather and altitude, in layers: during the winter season snow clothing incl. Gloves and hat; in summer windbreaker, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • 1.5 l water per person
  • Packed lunch
  • Camera


  • Insurance during the entire tour
  • Authorised English-speaking guide (certified hiking guide with BLSD certificate)
  • Equipment: trekking poles, windbreakers, backpacks, helmets, lamps and hiking shoes (please let us know your shoe size when booking)
  • Breakfast


  • Everything that is not listed under “Services included”.


  • Pick-up from hotel or other meeting point (price by arrangement)
  • Trekking shoe rental
  • Child seats for transfer


  • Please inform us in advance of any special circumstances: health problems, allergies, heart disease, blood pressure problems, limited mobility, disability. We will find the best solution for you for an unforgettable day on Etna.
  • We do not recommend activities at this height for women from the third month of pregnancy onwards.
  • Changes may occur or the tour may be cancelled if the guide deems it necessary if weather or volcanic conditions threaten the safety of the group.
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