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Experience Mount Etna
from a unique perspective
and look directly into the summit craters

Etna Helicopter Tour

Mount Etna from the air

View into the main craters

With our helicopter you fly along the lava flows up to the 4 summit craters of Mount Etna. From 3500 metres, we look directly into the craters and make two laps around the main craters.

The huge, smoking chimneys are close enough to touch from the helicopter.

A bird’s eye view of Mount Etna

From above, you can see the huge dimensions of the volcano and the eruptions. Old and new lava flows cover the slope in all directions. We can see entire chains of craters that have formed during the eruptions. On the eastern side of Mount Etna lies the huge Valle del Bove, a single lava desert. A unique perspective!

Etna Helicopter Tour

Taormina, Alcantara & Aeolian Islands

Discover Mount Etna and much more!

Taormina with its famous Greek theatre. The small town of Castelmola, perched on a rock like a swallow’s nest. We fly over Isola Bella and the Alcantara Gorges.

If you want to see even more volcanoes, then fly with us to the Aeolian Islands and discover Stromboli, which is constantly erupting!

Our Services

We currently fly the Airbus AS350 and Airbus H130 models, which offer space for 5 and 7 guests and the pilot respectively. Our pilots have all completed more than 10,000 flying hours and will fly you safely over the largest active volcano in Europe.

Our helicopter tours depart from Linguaglossa and Fiumefreddo. A pick-up from another helipad is possible for an additional charge.

We are also happy to organise a pick-up from your hotel by car or a English-speaking guide who will explain everything about Mount Etna to you during the flight.

On our Etna North Crater tour we walk on the rims of the huge craters created by the 2002 eruption.

Helicopter-Tour & Trekking

Would you like to get to know Mount Etna even better? Then lace up your hiking boots and come with us!

After a flight in the morning, we still have the whole day to hike what we have seen from the air.

We cross lava flows, walk along the crater rims and go underground into a lava tunnel.

Fancy even more adventure?

Then a tour in an autogyro is the right thing for you!

In the autogyro you are one with the elements. The summit craters are close enough to touch and look all the more impressive from the small aircraft.

The aircraft (model Magni M16 trainer plus) offers space for 1 person and the pilot.

Helikopter Tour Etna mit Etnaway com 6
Helikopter AS350
Helikopter Tour Etna mit Etnaway com 16

Book - take off - never forget again

Etna helicopter tours and prices

Here you will find an overview of the different helicopter tours we offer. No matter which tour you choose, an unforgettable experience awaits you!

*English-speaking guide for the private helicopter tours: + € 100

Group flight

Etna Tour

Helicopter group tour Etna

300 € per person

Rfly 2 x over the summit
RStart directly on Etna
R20 minutes

Fly with us along the lava flows and follow them to the summit of Europe's largest active volcano.

Private flight

Etna Tour

Helicopter tour Etna

1100 € per flight

ROnly you and your loved ones
Rmax. 7 persons
R20 minutes

Experience a very personal adventure for you and your loved ones with the private Etna helicopter tour!

Private flight

Platinum Tour Etna

Helicopter Tour Etna Platinum

1300 € per flight

RStart at the coast
Rmax. 5 persons
R30 minutes

Overview of the coast, the Etna area, the Valle del Bove. Come close enough to touch the main craters!

Private flight

Etna &

Helicopter tour Etna Taormina

1600 € per flight

RTaormina, Alcantara & more
REtna main craters
R35 minutes

Unexpected insights: from Mount Etna along the coast to picturesque little towns and their sights.

Private flight

Etna &
Aeolian Islands

Hubschrauber Tour Aetna Aeolische Inseln

3700 € per flight

RVolcanoes of Sicily
RStromboli & Etna
R90 minutes

Sicily from above: Discover Mount Etna, the constantly active Stromboli & all the beauty of Sicily!

Private flight
Aetna Tour mit Ultraleichtflugzeug

390 € per flight

REtna & Taormina
Rmax. 1 Person
R75 minutes

More adventure is not possible! Only you and the pilot fly over the 4 summit craters of Mount Etna and all the way to Taormina.

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