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Etna Helicopter Tour

Experience Etna from a unique perspective and look directly into the summit craters

Etna Helicopter Tour

Etna group tour

Private Helicopter Tour Etna

2 overflights over the 4 main craters

Private Platinum Helicopter Tour Etna

3 overflights over the 4 main craters or approx. 30 min.

Private Helicopter Tour Etna & Taormina

Private Helicopter Tour Aeolian Islands

Private Helicopter Tour Etna & Aeolian Islands

Aetna Hubschrauber Tour 2022 6

Flight & Pick up

Our Etna helicopter tour doesn’t start with the flight. If you wish, we can also organise pick-up from the hotel for you. You will be picked up by us with a certified driver and first class vehicle and taken to one of our helipads (Giardini Naxos, Taormina, Fiumefreddo, Linguaglossa). If your hotel has a helipad, a helicopter pick-up directly from the hotel is also possible. (Price on request)

Service & Safety

Our Airbus H130 (built in 2018) takes off in the middle of a beautiful hotel complex. It offers space for 6 guests and the pilot.

Our pilot is already waiting for you and will briefly go through the safety instructions with you. The pilot speaks English, Italian and French and explains what you see during the flight. You can also be accompanied by our guide, who will explain everything about Etna in English.

You can talk to the pilot at any time during the flight via a headset.

Etnaway Etna Helicopter Tour

VIP configuration:

An Airbus H-145 bi-engine helicopter is also available on request at an additional cost. It can accommodate 8 people: 1 or 2 pilots and 7 or 6 guests.

We will gladly inform you of the prices for the bi-engine helicopter on request.

Etna Helicopter Tour - Bi-engine Helicopter Airbus H145

The highest active volcano in Europe – experience it up close with the helicopter tour

From above you can see the huge dimensions of the volcano, the lava flows criss-crossing the slope, whole chains of craters formed during the eruptions. A unique perspective!

We approach Etna via the Valle del Bove, this huge indentation on the eastern side of the volcano.

And then, as the highlight of the flight, we look directly into the four summit craters of Etna!

Etna & Sicily from above

We offer flights not only over Etna, but also over Taormina and to the Aeolian Islands.

The flight over Etna is available as a group flight and as a private flight. The other helicopter tours can only be booked as a private flight.

Treat yourself to this unique experience!

Over Mount Etna by helicopter!
Etna Helicopter Tour Interior View Airbus H130

Helicopter Flight & Trekking

Do you want to get to know Etna even better? Then lace up your hiking boots and come with us!

After a flight in the morning, we still have the whole day to hike what we have seen from the air.

We cross lava flows, walk along the crater rims and go underground into a lava tunnel.

Etna Helicopter Tours
and prices

Group tours Price per person
Etna group tour 300 €


Private tour Price per flight
Private tour (English speaking guide: + 100 €)
Etna 1300€
Etna and Taormina 1600€
Aeolian Islands 3300€
Etna and Aeolian Islands 3700€

Etna Helicopter Tours
and prices

Etna group tour
Price per person 300 €


Private Tour (English speaking guide: + 100€)

Price per flight 1300€
Etna and Taormina
Price per flight 1600€
Aeolian Islands
Price per flight 3300€
Etna and Aeolian Islands
Price per flight 3700€


Questions about our helicopter tours

Which helicopter do we fly with?

We currently fly with an Airbus H130, built in 2018. This single-engine helicopter has room for 7 passengers.

How many people can be accommodated in the helicopter?

Our helicopter seats 7 people: 6 guests and the pilot. The pilot sits in the front right, two other seats are in the front left and in the middle. The remaining 4 guests sit in the back.

Can I talk to the pilot during the flight?

Yes, in the helicopter there is a headset for each guest, through which they can hear the pilot and talk to the pilot themselves. The pilot speaks English and Italian. You can also be accompanied by an English-speaking guide during the flight, who will explain everything about Mount Etna.

The headsets are of course disinfected after every flight!

What do I have to wear?

You can wear normal street clothes.

We recommend black or dark clothing, as light clothing is reflected in the windows and thus in the photos.

Where does the helicopter take off?

We have different take-off sites for our helicopters:

  • in Fiumefreddo, about 10 minutes from the motorway exit, or
  • in Castiglione di Sicilia, about 25 minutes from the Fiumefreddo motorway exit.

If you don’t have a car to get to the starting point yourself, we can organise a pick-up for you.

I don't have a car, how do I get to the starting point?

We can arrange a pick-up from your hotel or another meeting point.

The price depends on the pick-up location and how long you would like to stay in the hotel complex where our helicopters take off.

What is the best time of day for a helicopter tour?

We usually recommend flying in the morning hours (between 8 and 11 am), as visibility is usually best at this time of day. Clouds may form during the day as the warm, humid air rises from the sea.

For photographers, a flight in the evening hours migth be interesting because the setting sun creates very special colour and shadow plays. However, by then the eastern side of Etna is already in darkness.

How much does a helicopter flight over Etna cost?

A group flight over Etna costs €280 per person. A private flight costs 1100 €. For more information, see our helicopter tours.

How long does the helicopter flight to Etna take?

Depending on where we start, the flight to Etna takes between 20 and 30 minutes. If we start directly at Etna, the flight takes 20 minutes, but we spend the whole flight time at the volcano. If we start closer to the coast, the flight takes longer because we have to fly to Etna first.

In addition, you must allow 15 minutes before the flight for the safety instructions.

How high do we fly?

We reach an altitude of about 3500 metres.

Can children take part in the flight?

A flight over a volcano is also a unique experience for children! Children of all ages may take part in the flight.

Children up to 24 months can sit on your lap (as on the plane) and do not have to pay extra. From the age of 2, children must sit in their own seat and therefore also pay the full price.

Can I take part in the helicopter flight even if I have health problems?

Please note that we fly up to an altitude of approx. 3500 metres in a very short time. If you have health problems, such as high blood pressure or circulatory problems, please check with your doctor whether a flight up to 3500 metres is an option for you!

What happens in case of bad weather?

We want our helicopter flight to be an unforgettable experience for you. In bad weather, e.g. when the summit of Etna is shrouded in clouds, a flight makes no sense.

If this is possible for you, we will reschedule the flight for another time of day or another day. Otherwise you will be refunded the total amount.

What happens in the case of a volcanic eruption?

Safety always comes first, of course! Before each flight, the current weather and volcano conditions are checked and a decision is made as to whether a flight is possible.

How can I pay?

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or credit card.

What are the cancellation conditions?

If the tour cannot take place due to weather conditions, the flight will be rescheduled to another time or day or we will refund you the total amount.

If you wish to cancel the tour for any other reason, the following cancellation conditions apply:

  • No-show or cancellation within 24 hours before the flight: 100% penalty
  • 24 to 72 hours before the flight: 75% penalty
  • 72 hours to 7 days before the flight: 50% penalty
  • 7 days to 30 days before the flight: 30% penalty
  • from confirmation until 30 days before the flight: 10% penalty
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