Etna Helicopter Tour

Experience Etna from a bird’s eye view and discover the summit without having to climb it yourself

On our helicopter tours to Etna you can see the highest active volcano in Europe and its surroundings from a completely new perspective: from the air you can see the huge dimensions of Etna and its craters and get an idea of the enormous power of the volcano.

We start the tour from an airfield near Giardini Naxos and give you the opportunity to admire the famous valley Valle del Bove, in the centre of the natural park of Etna.

The bizarre volcanic landscapes, plumes of smoke, possible lava fountains and black basalt rocks seen from above are breathtaking.

Etna Helicopter Tours and Prices

Group tour Price per person Duration in minutes
Etna Group Tour 300€ 30


Private Tour Price per flight Duration in minutes
Private Tour (English speaking guide: + 100 €)
Etna 1300€ 30
Etna and Taormina 1800€ 40
Aeolian Islands 3300€ 85
Etna and Aeolian Islands 3700€ 95

Etna Helicopter Tours and Prices

Etna Group Tour
Price per person 300€
Duration 30min


Private Tour (English speaking guide: + 100€)

Price per flight 1300€
Duration 30min
Etna and Taormina
Price per flight 1800€
Duration 40min
Aeolian Islands
Price per flight 3300€
Duration 85min
Etna and Aeolian Islands
Price per flight 3700€
Duration 95min
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