FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

• What is the recommended clothing?

The optimal clothing depends on the season. We recommend high-cut trekking shoes and layered clothing according to the season, the weather and the altitude.
Mind that the temperature on Etna can drop 10-15 degrees compared to the coast.
During winter season waterproof snow clothing is highly recommended (gloves and hat are a must!). During summer a windbreaker, a hat and sun cream are ideal. Sunglasses can protect from wind, sand and ash. We don’t recommend to wear lenses. Don’t forget to bring 1.5l water per person.

• We want to visit Etna with our children, what is the right tour for us?

Many of our tours are experienced daily by our little guests with interest and passion.
Call us and together we will choose the ideal solution for you.
Tell us how you prefer to spend the day with your children, and based on your preferences and their nature, we will be able to recommend the right tour for the whole family: from relaxing to adventurous. We are always happy to be able to make children passionate about nature and the wonders of our planet!
If you want a guide just for you and your children, you can book a private tour!

• Can I bring my dog?

Certainly! But tell us in advance.
We are animal lovers, call us on time and we will find the best solution for your buddy and any special needs.
You could also book a private tour if you prefer

• What happens in case of eruption?

Usually the tour goes on normally, in some case there will be some changes.
It is also possible to book a night tour to admire the activity of the volcano in its fullest.

• What if I have health issues?

Tell us in advance about any special needs: health issues, allergies, cardiopathy, blood pressure issues, reduced mobility, handicaps. We will find the best solution for you.

• What happens in case of bad weather?

Usually the tour will not be affected, but it is possible anyway to change your booking without extra charge. In case you paid in advance and would like to cancel the tour, the entire cost will be refunded.

• How can I pay the tour?

You have the following payment options:
• Cash payment on site to the guide
• In advance by bank transfer (please make the transfer at least 7 days before the start of the tour so that we receive the amount in time).
• By credit card on site to the guide (on request)

• When will I know the pick up time?

If you booked a tour with pick up from your location/hotel, or meeting point, no later than the evening before the tour, you will get a text message or WhatsApp sent to your mobile phone and an e-mail with the pick up time.
Please get back to us to confirm.

• How can I book?

The easiest and best way is to use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
Telephone numbers:
Tel.: +39 328 197 7919
Tel.: +39 347 770 4302
It is also possible to book via email (info@etnaway.com).
Through our booking point based in Taormina:
Legendary Sicily Booking Point Taormina
Salita De Luna 10, Taormina
Tel.: +39 328 197 7919
Tel.: +39 347 770 4302
* For further questions, contact us by clicking here

• How can I cancel a booking?

You can easily cancel a booking sending an e-mail (info@etnaway.com).
If the cancellation occurs according to the website terms and conditions, the entire amount will be refunded. Otherwise there will be no refund. We will still consider each cancellation request to try and find a compromise.
IMPORTANT: We will not accept any cancellation made by phone, text message or WhatsApp.

• How do I get my refund if I cancelled according to terms and conditions?

You can easily cancel a booking sending an e-mail (info@etnaway.com).
If the cancellation has occurred according to the terms and conditions, we will refund you the entire amount through a bank transfer or a card refund.

• In case of bank transfer:

Give us the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT of your bank account via e-mail, and we will provide to refund you.

• In case of credit card payment:

The amount will be refunded directly on your card.

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