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Satellitenbild des Ausbruchs des Ätna am 21.5.223

Eruption of Mount Etna on 21 May 2023

After a series of earthquakes in the summit area and a sudden increase in volcanic tremor, the eruption of Mount Etna on 21 May 2023 was not long in coming.

The protagonist of this eruption with lava fountains is once again the Southeast Crater. It has also produced two lava flows: one inside the Valle del Bove valley and a second, the main flow, along the south-western slope of the volcano (between the crater Monte Frumento Supino and the craters of the 2002 eruption).

A large amount of pyroclastic material fell in the area of the Etna South tourist centre. The falling cinders, which were deposited up to several centimetres high, forced the closure of the Etna cable car (which was put back into operation the day after the eruption) and several facilities associated with tourism on the volcano.

Eruption of Mount Etna on 21 May 2023: Ashfall and a closed airport were the result

The ash from the eruption has settled over the still snow-covered Etna.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather conditions, the ash of the volcano mixed with the rain that fell in the Etna area was carried to some villages at the foot of Etna. The cloud from the eruption, driven by the wind in a south-westerly direction, reached as far as Catania, leading to the closure of the city’s airspace and airport.

The volcano is now in a dormant phase and we are all waiting for the next wonderful spectacle of Etna, hoping that at least this time the weather conditions will be favourable!


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