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Eruption of Mount Etna on 13.5.2022

Etna Current – 13.5.2022

The south-eastern crater does not come to rest: the currently highest and most active main crater of Etna provides spectacular images again on the evening of 13.5.2022.

This time the activity does not start with strombolian activity. A lava flow is descending on the northern side of the Southeast Crater and has already reached the base of the crater.

The volcanic tremor has been in the red zone since Wednesday evening, according to INGV measurements.

The evening before, 12 May, Etna began to spew sand and ash. One or more vents opened on the north flank of Southeast Crater. The centre of the tremor was at an altitude of 3000 metres in the Southeast Crater.

Update 23.5.2022

The eruption at the South East Crater is still ongoing. On our Etna trekking tour we can watch the eruptions and the lava flow pouring into the Valle del Bove during the day and also at night.

In the evening of 23.5. the intensity of the eruption increased, the lava fountain and the ash column became higher.


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