for special persons

Give the people you care about an extraordinary and unforgettable day by giving them a private tour: for their birthday, anniversary or ... even an engagement! A marriage proposal in the vast, unspoilt nature, the huge Valle del Bove valley opens up before you and the view stretches all the way to the sea. The majestic peaks are within reach... A setting so beautiful that it touches everyone to the core makes one of the most important and romantic days in a couple's life even more unforgettable. On a customised tour, the focus is always on you and your partner, family or friends. We design the whole day according to your wishes and needs.

We pick you up from the hotel, if desired, and choose a suitable route: you want to hike leisurely to have enough time to take impressive photos of this unique landscape or videos with your drone? We will show you the most beautiful places, off the beaten track, where you can photograph and film undisturbed. If you want, we can also organise a photo shoot and recordings with a drone for you.

Are you very sporty and looking for a challenge? We'll choose a challenging trek for you that will show you what Etna, at 3323 metres, has to offer! Do you want to enjoy a picnic with spumante and Sicilian delicacies inside a crater? No matter what you want, a private tour will make it possible and you will experience a day as unique, extraordinary and magnificent as you are!

Enjoy our


tour over Etna

Un’esperienza spettacolare che ti da una sensazione di libertà senza pari, è come volare dove vuoi, come vuoi, e quando vuoi! Quasi come toccare con mano la gran parte della Sicilia orientale, dalla cima dell’Etna, ai faraglioni di Aci Trezza, dall’Isola Bella al Teatro Greco di Taormina, dal Castello di Castelmola alle Isole Eolie.
Etna – Taormina: 75min. – 350€
Isole Eolie Tour: 130min. – 630€
Tindari – S. Alessio – Taormina: 70min. – 335€
Aci Trezza – Aci Castello: 50min.  225€
Taormina – Capo S.Alessio: 40 min. – 140€
Taormina: 25min. – 105€


With our trained team, we not only give you unique impressions of the volcano, but also detailed information about the formation of Etna. Because here in Sicily they say that Etna has a powerful energy that keeps us alive, that nourishes us like a mother and at the same time teaches us to be afraid. The volcano, which has existed for thousands of years but is constantly changing and recreating, has always fascinated and still evokes extraordinary emotions. We offer you excellent, professional services and the highest quality and can also meet special requirements. You want to surprise someone with this special experience, maybe you need a German-speaking guide or a pick-up and drop-off service at your accommodation? Or maybe you would like to taste the typical regional products and wines after the tour? No problem, we are happy to accommodate your wishes and plan this tour to make it the perfect experience for you. Notes: Each participant will be provided with a pair of headphones with microphone to communicate with the pilot (in English or Italian). Passengers should wear comfortable, dark clothing to reduce light reflection on the window panes.

A dedicated expert guide will accompany you on your personalized route in complete safety!


Personalized and safe itineraries according to your needs and your desire for adventure.

tailor-made routes

Off-road vehicles, cars and minivans, disinfected and with leather interior and NCC-certified driver.

Autista dedicato

The dedicated guide will speak your language, explaining anecdotes and curiosities clearly.


Would you like to discover Etna and enjoy being out in nature on 4 wheels, even off the beaten track?

Etna quad tour

quad tour

Then our quad tours are just right for you!

Free your wild spirit!

You can choose between 4 different quad tours, from one hour to a whole day.

Let yourself be inspired by an unforgettable off-road experience on the highest active volcano in Europe!

From the pine forest of Ragabo to ancient lava flows and grottos, enjoy fascinating views of the bays of Sicily's east coast and have fun on the adventurous off-road routes. Our trained guides will accompany you on our tours and ensure that you have a lot of fun and an unforgettable holiday memory.

Did you know? We also offer quadtours for companies, for example as a teambuilding event. Just contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

kayak tour

kayak tour

Whether you are an experienced kayaker or still a beginner, this experience with our guided kayak tours will fascinate you!

Explore the east coast of Sicily from the water with our guides and experience a unique sensation.

After teaching you the basic paddling techniques in Giardini Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily, we leave the cliffs of the coast to paddle towards Capo Taormina. Together we explore the first grotto and behind the cliff of Taormina we discover the beautiful nature reserve Isola Bella.

With the kayak we have the opportunity to explore places and things that no one else can reach. While our guides tell you the mysterious history of the museum house on the island, we continue paddling through the nature reserve before admiring the view of Mount Etna from the sea on the way back.

By the way: We also offer kayak tours for companies, for example as a teambuilding event. Just contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Etna Tour
on Horseback

Etna Tour
on Horseback

Explore the beautiful and untouched nature of Etna on horseback and enjoy a unique holiday experience.

With our Etna horse riding tours you will discover the north-eastern slope of the highest active volcano in Europe in a completely new and exciting way.

On our horseback riding tours we move along untouched trails through dense, millennia-old pine, beech and chestnut forests, cross old and new lava flows and visit spectacular craters. The rides and excursions vary in duration, routes and difficulty and are suitable for horse lovers of all ages and experience, from beginners to families with children and experienced riders looking for a unique adventure.

Our tours are conducted with the utmost safety. The guides who will accompany you are all strictly qualified, enthusiastic riders and familiar with the area.

By the way: We also offer horseback riding tours for companies, for example as a teambuilding event. Just contact us and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.


Free as a bird over the Sicilian landscape

Flying has always been a dream of mankind and we make it come true for you!

Nothing is more suitable than a paragliding tour - above the breathtaking landscape of Sicily - an unforgettable experience for your holiday.

Hovering down from the summit, feeling the updrafts and chasing the landscape with a few flaps of your wings - that must be how the birds feel. During your tandem paragliding flight, our specially trained pilots control your aircraft while you sit in the front row and let the adrenaline and feeling of freedom flow through you.

If you have any special requests, or perhaps need a pick-up or drop-off service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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Live Eruption

Tour covid-free – A thrilling adventure! To see explosions and lava fountains and to hear the thunder from the centre of the earth is not only to see Etna with your eyes, but to experience it with your whole body!
Coming face to face with the forces of nature* is a primal experience that gets under your skin and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

*at a safe distance approved by the relevant authorities.

Etna 3000

Tour Covid-Free - High altitude adventure, to the discovery of top craters. Get ready for the highest experience Etna can offer you. A full day excursion, with a fantastic trekking path that runs between unique lunar- like landscapes like you have never seen before.

Etna Nord Tour

Tour Covid-Free A stroll through the clouds, on the edge of the Ox Valley, at an altitude of 2200m, to discover Serracozzo Cave (one of Ox Valley's ridges) and Frumento delle Concazze Mount. We will visit a slice of Heaven: the north-eastern area of Etna. Among craters, eruptive vents, lava flows and caves, we will see how many formations our dear volcano is able to create. A ring-shaped path that will take us across landscape and geological hostpots of extremely high interest, showing us a multitude of aspects of the Etna volcano.

wine tour

Tour Covid-Free Special tour led by a guide who, during the whole excursion, will allow you to discover the volcano and the flourishing fruits that grow on this extraordinary soil.

A culinary and wine journey that, in a relaxed and involving way, will take you between lava flows, old and new craters and lava caves; we will reveal to you the secrets of this volcanic and seething soil.

Alcantara Tour

Tour Covid-Free A complete excursion for nature lovers. We will visit one of the most interesting areas of Etna, with lava flow caves, side craters, lava flows and, in the afternoon, the gorges of the Alcantara river will amaze us with columnar basalts and freezing waters.


Experience Etna from a bird's eye view and discover the summit with its active craters without having to climb it yourself. On our helicopter tours you can see the highest active volcano in Europe and its surroundings from a completely new perspective: from the air you can see the huge dimensions of Etna and its craters and get an idea of the enormous power of the volcano. We start the tour from an airfield near Giardini Naxos and give you the opportunity to admire the famous Valle del Bove, in the centre of Etna's Natural Park. The bizarre volcanic landscapes, the plumes of smoke, possible lava fountains and black basalt rocks seen from above are breathtaking.

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