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Etna Alcantara & Quad

Are you an outdoor lover? This is the right excursion for you! After visiting Etna, its landscapes, craters and caves, we will take you to admire the famous Alcantara gorges.
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from 80€

Morning Tour

Simple half day excursion, for people who don’t have too much time, but still want to experience Europe’s highest and
most active volcano. Come walk with us on extinct craters’ edges, get into a lava flow cave and admire the amazing
landscapes that Etna offers you!

from 60€

Etna Wine Tour

Special tour led by a sommelier guide who, during the whole excursion, will allow you to discover the volcano and the flourishing fruits that grow on this extraordinary soil. A culinary and wine journey that, in a relaxed and involving way, will take you between lava flows, old and new craters and lava caves; we will reveal to you the secrets of this volcanic and seething soil.

from 109€

Etna 2700

Exciting tour, with breathtaking views, trekking on the crater of the 2001 eruption, lava flow of 2002, lava desert and overlooking the Valle del Bove. A full day tour to discover the secrets of Etna in complete safety.

from 85€

Etna & Taormina

The perfect tour to get to know the two Sicilian pearls! Discovering in the morning the secrets of Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and in the afternoon the picturesque alleys of Taormina, the most famous town in the Mediterranean!

from 98€

Etna 3000

Tour that reaches 3000m, with breathtaking landscapes and lava desert trekking, for real enthusiasts. In the clearest days, we can even see Calabria, behind the Strait of Messina. A full day tour during which our guide will satisfy any of your curiosities.

from 149€

Etna Top Crater

Do you feel in top form? Then you can not miss out on visiting summit craters, the most highly sought Etna’s hotspot! Take a walk on the world’s roof top, come and admire the moon-like landscapes that only these peaks can offer you. Pick our top class excursion!

from 149€

Etna Crossing

If you fancy trekking on the moon, a clouds’ crossing, then the Great Crossing tour is all you need. This trekking is especially designed for all challenge Lovers and high altitude enthusiasts, an exclusive experience only for some. To try at least once in your life!

from 219€

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